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"there's no way in knowing how many miles one will have to run when chasing down a dream"

PRs for all you runners out there:
200- 24 (relay)
400- 54.5 (relay)
500- 1:14.01
800- 2:04.18
1000- 2:55.17
1500- 4:22.47
1600- 4:46.8
5K- 18:06
8K- 29:08


x At paces that might stun and dismay the religious jogger, the runners easily kept up all manner of chatter and horseplay. When they occasionally blew by a huffing fatty or an aging road runner, they automatically toned down the banter to avoid overwhelming, to preclude the appearance of show boating (not that they slowed in the slightest). They in fact respected these distant cousins of the spirit, who, among all people, had some modicum of insight into their own days and ways. But the runners resembled them only in the sense that a puma resembles a pussy cat. It is the difference between stretching lazily on the carpet and prowling the jungle for fresh red meat. John L. Parker Jr. (via runningxctf)

(via runforthethrill)

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